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What makes Summer Shopping Picks an Instagram-worthy Visit to Kauai?

Kauai, commonly known as “The Garden Isle,” has pretty balanced weather all year-round. People from all over the world love its happy, mild combination of rain and sunshine. During the summertime, the gentle waves and blissful beaches of Kauai make its memorable image of paradise. The flowers are blooming, the sun is rising, and you are slowly mixing that warm-weather wardrobe one piece at a time. 

Aside from the rising temperatures and a weekend getaway to the beach of Kauai, summer on the island brings a hard-to-shake urge for shopping. An influx of bright colors and playful prints is taking over the new-arrivals sections at different Kuai retailers. So it’s is no surprise that we all look forward to summer shopping on the island. Maybe it’s the warm weather, or maybe it’s that the weekend getaways require some cute wardrobe-essentials. 

Summer Style Packing Tips for your Kauai Getaway!

If you are planning for a ten-day vacation on the island of Kauai, you can channel your excitement in packing your wardrobe essentials for your trip of a lifetime. A ten-day worth of belongings is hard to fit into a standard suitcase. Fortunately, you can leave your bulky boots and sweater behind since Kauai is not a place where people dress in two or three layers. You only need to pack your favorite summer outfit like shorts and tanks and three or four pairs of shoes to wear. Of course, despite the consistent warm weather in Kauai, rain is always possible. So add one light sweater or water-resistant jacket to your luggage, and you are ready to go.  

5 Wardrobe Must-Have Items You Need in Kauai

While we all embrace fashion trends, no wardrobe is complete without the essentials. From the simple white tee to the classic maxi dress, they are the pieces we pick from our closet to create almost every outfit. The ideal essentials this summer include classics like white linen dresses, basket bags, simple swimwear, and leather sandals. Some new additions to the list include fun hair accessories, vest tops, and strappy sandals. Here are five essentials that will see you through your whole stay in Kauai this summer so you can have your most chic season ever:

Plain White Tee

Although a simple white shirt is not the most exciting piece of clothing, it is undeniably one of the most versatile items. If you’re going to a poolside party, try a white statement top with denim shorts! Whether you are rocking black pants or a patterned skirt on a stroll on the pristine beaches of Kauai, you can never go wrong with white plain tees.

Midi Skirt

In recent years, midi skirts have become a street-style trend again. You can set the tone for your summer escape in this piece of clothing while relaxing on one of Hawaii’s white-sand beaches. It is a versatile item which is not-quite-maxi and not-quite-mini that you can partner with a white crop top… or a wild waffled polka dot blouse. 

Straw Hat 

Block the sun’s rays and protect your skin from direct exposure while looking fabulous in a straw hat! You can add a glam floppy hat to your warm-weather outfits for a fashionable finishing touch that will look good on Instagram. Whether you prefer a classic tan hat or a packable kettle hat, these options will bring drama to your next adventure.  


Although flip flops have been a summer fashion trend for years, slides are a more sophisticated choice today. Since the temperature is rising, it is time to stock up a few pairs of open-toed mules and chic platforms. They are funky, versatile, and can match the different styles of every personality type.

One-piece Swimwear

Of course, a perfect summer capsule wardrobe is not complete without a stylish and flattering one-piece. From an afternoon at the sandy beaches of Kauai to weekends spent poolside at your favorite resort on the island, get some much-needed sunshine in vintage-cut swimwear with a waist-accentuating belt. This look provides ample coverage and can double as a top or undergarment if needed.

Don’t bother including beach towels in your suitcase since they take up a lot of space. If you want to look fabulous and feel comfortable on your vacation in Kauai, go minimalist in your packing and travel light. And, if you miss something important, you can always go on a summer shopping spree at Coutured by Bjork! Call us today (808) 431-4845 and get lost in the huge selection of show-stopping dresses, round-the-clock swimwear, and accessory essentials.

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