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What Are the Top-Rated Clothing Boutiques in Kauai?

If you’re a follower of Instagram accounts or any travel-related blogs, there’s a high chance you’ve probably seen the island of Kauai. As the ultimate tourist destination in Hawaii, it’s not surprising that the beautiful island is featured now and then. Kauai is famous for its pristine beach, picturesque vacation spots, and vibrant nightlife. Guests–  especially women– are keen to explore the island’s shopping villages. If you’re about to visit the island and planning your itinerary, be sure to check out the island’s fantastic attractions. Plus, not to mention the top-rated clothing boutiques in Kauai!

Unexpected Treasures in a Small Village

Every tourist destination has a place where you can shop for souvenirs. People going on vacation are expected to bring something back home, right? Whether you’re looking for something native or you’re a fan of branded products, there are plenty of boutiques on the island that offer things you just can’t find elsewhere.

From the locals’ trademark products to art, clothing, and more, get surprise at what treasures you’ll discover in this small village. However, while it’s great to know that there are many clothing boutiques in you can explore, nobody can get to all of them. Make a plan before you go!

Here are some top spots to visit:

Cane Field Clothing & Gallery

If you’re after a unique jewelry selection, drop by at the Kilohana Plantation manor house. Cane Field Clothing was established in 1986; however, they rebranded and reopened to the public in 2012. The shop is set up in a classic master bedroom. Cheri and her daughter Tiare help each other run the jewelry boutique. They are also significant designers along with local Hawaii artists from the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. In addition to the mesmerizing jewelry collection, a selection of Aloha shirts is also on their bestseller list.

Hula Girl

Whether you’re after women’s clothing, cool men’s wear, or jewelry, Hula Girl is also one of the most recommended clothing boutiques. This business is family-owned and operated and has been in the clothing industry for more than a decade. Their products exhibit the local charm of the island. From stylish Aloha shirts to sunrise-themed clothing, you’ll love the designs and quality. When it comes to jewelry, enjoy the wide selection of bracelets, necklaces & pendants made from the island’s shells and corals, as well as rare gemstones.

Tiki Boutiki

Situated on Kauai’s East Side, Tiki Boutiki prides itself on a diverse collection of high-quality clothing items. It is the Best Gift Shop, the Best Jewelry Store and the Best Fashion Boutique. This destination also offers a one-stop shopping experience. Tourists can choose from elegant apparel, vintage handbags, custom made jewelry, local chocolates, body products and more. This boutique has a strict rule when it comes to their products: Every item on their shelves will remind you of that one and only “Aloha Spirit.”

Pualani Hanalei Bikinis and Swimwear

If you’re after a stunning collection of swimwear, Pualani Hanalei Bikinis and Swimwear is the biggest swimwear shop in Kauai. With over 3,000 high-quality options to choose from, you’ll find a swimsuit that looks great on you. The boutique owners aim to offer swimwear that flatters every body type. Pualani Hanalei Bikinis and Swimwear also accepts special orders with guaranteed free shipping.

Coutured by Bjork

For vintage lovers, this newly-opened boutique at Kauai is fast making a statement. Home to the Free People brand and other carefully selected vintage apparel, you’ll definitely find eye-catching fashion here. The boutique has a nice selection of locally and internationally made jewelry as well. From island-inspired coverups to beachwear, casual clothing, and more, you’re bound to find something you need at this adorable stop at The Shops at Kukui’ula.

Now that you have an idea on where to shop, check out these clothing boutiques in Kauai so you’ll be able to see their products. This way, you can plan your trip or order online so you can wear your best when you come to the island!

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