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featured image of blog titled "The Shops at Kukui’ula, Koloa: Home of High-end Shopping Destinations in the Kaua’i Island"

The Shops at Kukui’ula, Koloa: Home of High-end Shopping Destinations in the Kaua’i Island

Tucked into a garden-like setting on the southern shore of rugged Kaua’i, the town of Kukui’ula is a haven for breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures. The beautiful beaches, more than 300 days of sunshine, 10-acres of upcountry farmland, and a wide array of luxurious dining and entertainment make Kukui’ula a perfect location for home ownership. But the landscapes are not the only destination that attracts the people. Part of Kukui’ula’s charm is the spectrum of top-notch fashion boutiques and island shops in town. A getaway in Hawaii would not be complete without the ultimate shopping experience on the sunny south shore of Kaua’i. Thus, attain the lifestyle destination at The Shops at Kukui’ula!

Experience The Shops at Kukui’ula

The Shops at Kukui’ula are accessible to all parts of Poipu within a 45-minute stroll or five-minute drive. It is a home of dozens of unique island shops and more than 25 award-winning restaurants. Thus, a contemporary fine art galleries such as Latitudes and aFeinberg Gallery which showcases Hawaii’s history is here. Whether you want to shop for an item of Hawaiian-inspired clothing or tour different fine art galleries, the huge selection of destinations in the Shops at Kukui’ula will definitely entice you.

What to Bring in Hawaii for the ultimate #OOTD?

The Hawaiian Islands are a dream getaway for many people and for good reason! The pristine white sand beaches, exquisite dishes, picturesque mountains, oceanic views, and brightly-colored coral reefs teeming with schools of tropical fish make it a perfect summer destination for more than just beach bums and surfers.

Figuring out what to wear on your Hawaii beach vacation can be challenging. The weather is warm, but you need to factor in the nights, rain, and the type of outdoor activities that you will be doing the entire day. If you are going to stay at the beach all day, then you should bring a bathing suit and a pair of denim short for a cover-up. But if you are staying in a high-end resort, or if you are going to dine in luxurious restaurants, then you might want to dress up a notch. Here is a list of the appropriate clothing that will bring comfort to your entire local town exploration in Hawaii.

Breezy White Dress

One of the most well-known staples for any kind of summer getaway is a breezy white dress. If you are planning on taking several photos, it is an essential piece for beach cover-up and daytime exploration. It also absorbs sweat and allows you to breathe in the hot summer days in Hawaii.

Summery Tops

A light cotton top is a necessity to throw over your swimsuit when you hit the beach. Look for a slightly oversized piece that you can tie at your waist to show off your cool swimsuit. It is also great for cool breezes and hot days due to its cottony material.


For your beach and ocean adventure on The Big Island, a bikini is the most important piece of wardrobe to bring. You might want to focus on bikinis where you can move around without worrying that it might fall down. If you are planning to visit Hawaii, bring two to four one-piece swimsuits and bikinis for the entire stay.

Fashion Sandals

Instagram has taught us that fashionable sandals are a summery staple during vacations. Although you could easily wear a pair of cheap rubber sandals, they are not appropriate on an island. In packing for your Hawaii adventure, choose a shoe color – white or tan—which can match a swath of outfits.

With thousands of visitors coming from in and out of Hawaii, it is undeniable that The Shops at Kukui’ula are an in-demand destination. It offers a bustling vibe with a combination of the picturesque sceneries, upscale restaurants, and high-end shopping centers. Whether you are on a quick vacation or in tow for business, you will definitely enjoy both nature and the shopping experience that Kukui’ula has to offer.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop women’s boutique in The Shops of Kukui’ula, Koloa, be sure to spend some time visiting Coutured by Bjork. Experience the best island’s shopping reputation by calling (808) 431-4845 today!

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