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Coutured by Bjork
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Shop your High-end Seamless Underwear from Coutured by Bjork

Choose and buy women’s seamless underwear only from a high-end shopping boutique in Koloa! A lot of top-notch intimate apparels are available at Coutured by Bjork to provide you style and comfort. Make sure you’ll check the boutique’s wide range of items today.

It’s no doubt that women nowadays are dressing the way they would feel comfortable and trendy. Of course, that’s perfectly reasonable. It’s not always the outer apparel that we must give proper attention. Women must also invest in quality seamless underwear since they contribute on how comfy they will feel while wearing their outfits.

Although the market offers many underwear designs and types, choosing the best one can be still daunting. How will you find out the most durable? Are their prices reasonable? Sure thing, there will always be some intimate apparels that outdo the others. The good thing is, Coutured by Bjork has quality thongs and bralettes you can wear effectively on various occasions.

What is a Thong and Why Women Must Choose Wisely for their Comfort?

A thong is one of the most exciting types of underwear for women. It is a garment that is usually wear as intimate apparel and does not entirely cover your rear. According to some online magazine sites, thongs are the latest craze nowadays. Celebrities and models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have amazed netizens on their superb thongs they flaunt on their social media accounts. They look sexy, convenient, and stylish. No wonder more and more women are getting interested in getting and wearing one.

Thong intimates are available in a vast array of style, color, design, and materials. Each of them is intended to shape every body type differently.

Fashion innovations and fabric technologies have significantly improved in the last couple of years, and far better ideas are implemented to promise women they will love more wearing this style.

Many women will agree that thongs are a must have for a comfortable and sexy, smooth look! This apparel will save you to have a seamless look under tight-hugging pants and clothing successfully.

More Things You Should Know about Wearing Thongs

You’ll love the many different variations and styles of thongs available. Some of them are as follow:


A T-back contains a string which is tied around the waist and shows a V-shaped strap at the front. As the name implies, it looks like a T from the back. Women love wearing it under low rise jeans.


A G-String is a casual thong that is V-shaped from the front and generally used to hide the panty lines. Thus, it is perfect in wearing a figure-hugging outfit. This type of intimate apparel is also called ‘butt-floss.’


Almost similar to G-string, a Tanga conceals a little bit of your skin. It gives more exposure in the front than a G-string and hides back a little above the butt.


A V-String has a close look to G-string thongs however it has a string that looks like a V shape in the back. This one gives more comfort and movements.  It’s also said to be less stiff than the other variations.

A thong provides benefits including the following:

–    Perfect fit

–    Antibacterial

–    Ultra-thin fabrics

–    Quick Dry

–    No seams

–    Breathable

–    Ultra Comfortable

So, if you’re planning to buy a new thong and other seamless underwear, Coutured by Bjork is the best boutique for you to visit. It’s one of the most beautiful shops in Koloa which offer you both elegance and comfort for your daily style. Never miss to check our classic print thongs, or if you’re an animal lover, then you can have our photo-op thongs with animal images printed on them.

Get that chic look or become a fashionista babe with the thong that looks best for you!

Enjoy shopping! 

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