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Coutured by Bjork
featured image of blog titled "Shop 'Til You Drop: Top Must-See Clothing Stores on the Beautiful Island of Kauai"

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Top Must-See Clothing Stores on the Beautiful Island of Kauai

It is always the right time for summer. So, if you are planning your next vacation and you have Kauai on the itinerary, then congratulations! This place seems to come straight out of storybooks. With its wonderful coastline, fantastic beaches, and numerous travel spots, there is no doubt that you’re going to have some memorable times! 

But, did you know that this is not just a place for travelers, but also for fashion enthusiasts? Well, if you’re now wondering where in Kauai can you find great dresses without breaking your bank, then this list is for you. 

Maximize your shopping experience in Kauai!

Here’s a list of great souvenir and clothing stores in Kauai:

1. Jacqueline Store

It is always nice to immerse yourself in the culture of the places you visit. By doing this, you can gain an understanding about their way of living. That’s part of why so many people visit souvenir shops selling traditional items. 

Jacqueline Store offers a variety of traditional Hawaiian shirts and pants. All of their items are hand-made in unique colors. You can also bring your own materials and fabrics if you want. Their seamstress can sew you a personalized shirt with the utmost consideration for you resize and fit.

2. Hula Girl

This shop is one of the charms of Kauai. It is a family-operated business that offers a massive selection of colorful, high-quality, original Hawaiian clothing. Their clothes can fit any gender, size, or style. Whether you are looking for casual clothes or formal pieces, then Hula Girl is for you.
Choose from a large selection of shirts, caps, and pants for men and some tropical dresses and beach wears for women. Also, they carry replicas of vintage Hawaiian clothing and various kinds of Aloha charms and jewelry made out of only the finest materials.

3. Tiki Boutiki

Tiki Boutiki is often dubbed as the best stop for gifts, jewelry, and fashion items. It is located in Kappa Town on Kauai’s East Side. Their clothes are only made by selected local designers and are all hand-made.

Moreover, they don’t just offer fashion clothing. They also have detailed jewelry and custom-made leather and vintage fabric handbags. Perhaps the most amazing finds in this store are its delicious Hawaiian chocolates and other organic products.

4. Cane Field Clothing and Gallery

You must be looking for a fashion store that calls to your Instagram feed. In this case,  Cane Field Clothing and Gallery must be included in your shopping destinations. It is located at the master bedroom of the Kilohana Plantation manor house.

They have the most unique jewelry selection in Kauai. Cane Field Clothing and Gallery also offers chic clothing staples that are both budget-friendly and flattering.

5. Paulani Henalei

Your summer experience isn’t complete without a great swimsuit, so stop over at the best swimwear shop on the island. Paulani Hanalei will answer your summer cravings with their unique swimwear styles.

The shop offers more than 3,000 pieces of unique swimwear for every style. It has an endless range of designs for any body frame.

6. Coutured by Bjork

Vintage is always trending in the fashion industry and seems to never go out of style. Coutured by Bjork is a statement shop that aims to provide designer vintage clothing for its customers. From dresses to cardigans, jewelry and bags, this place is definitely one of the best clothing stores in Kauai.
They also have clothes from the best designers you can find in town. If you happen to visit their site, its owner also offers some tips on what to wear and how to style it.

It’s hard to resist shopping, especially if you are on the beautiful island of Kauai! Buying fashionable clothes as souvenirs is normal for many travelers. Start your rounds at Coutured by Bjork for incredible, fun clothes and souvenirs before you leave the island! Visit or call us at (808) 431-4845.

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