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featured image of blog titled "Kimonos are in: How to Style a Kimono during Summertime in Kauai"

Kimonos are in: How to Style a Kimono during Summertime in Kauai

It is safe to say that fashion keeps changing – men and women do not dress the same way as they did centuries ago, decades ago, or even last year. For instance, across the globe, the kimono has long been a symbol of Japanese fashion. It is a full-length robe made from a single bolt of silk with an overall T-shape that falls to the ankle and a collar attached to give a clean shape around the neck. The Japanese make kimonos for men and women from the same fabrics, but the embroidered details, dyes, and patterns mostly reserved for women’s kimonos. Today, kimonos are also in on the island of Kauai! The traditional Japanese garment enjoys greater prominence and influence in the global fashion industry than ever before. It fits perfectly into the style equation since it creates volume and drama, especially if it is not the focus of an outfit. So, what is the classiest way to style a kimono during your long weekend getaway in Kauai?  

Fashion Notes: Tap into the Kimono Trend in Kauai!

You can see every window of every high-street retailer on the island of Kauai displaying a trendy kimono patterned with palm trees, flamingos, or florals in bloom. It has been trending big time in recent years and mixing Japanese vibes with embroidery and silhouettes. 

Kimonos are here to stay. From wandering in the Waimea Canyon to feasting your eyes on the pristine island beaches, they are clothing pieces that are perfect to wear on almost any summer day in Kauai.

Styling 101: 4 Ways to Style a Kimono This Summer Season in Kauai

If you are new to the kimono trend, it looks like a long silk cardigan. You can wear it as a summer cover-up while you stroll on the white beaches of Kauai or as a wrap for your maxi dress. Get ready for some serious summer kimono outfit inspiration! Here are some unique ways to style a slinky kimono: 

Boho Chic Version

For an unforgettable experience in Kauai, you can attend the four-day Kauai Music Festival and embody the Aloha spirit through music from local and international music communities. The typical style that you can see in music festivals is the bohemian or “boho” fashion. You can wear a fun, flowing maxi dress and cover it up with a chiffon kimono, or put it over a plain white crop top and tights or jeans.

Beach Wear

When the thermometer rises, and the temperature sizzles, there is no better way to stay relaxed than spending a day at Kauai’s sandy beaches. You can add a little style to your low plunging swimsuit by layering a fringed kimono over it– or look utterly fierce in knee-high sandals and white kimono cover-ups.

Casual Stroll

Of course, your weekend stay in Kauai isn’t complete without exploring the island’s souvenir shops, art galleries, and restaurants. When the sun is out to play, you can wear a bright and breezy kimono piece over a plain white tee and denim shorts or any other bottoms of your choice. But if you love casual basics, then you can spruce up your favorite jeans and tee with an embroidered kimono to add more depth and texture your ensemble.

Dinner Party and Night Out

Some say that Kauai’s nightlife is more laid back than the other Hawaiian islands, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t exciting places to wine and dine. For a relaxing evening on the island, you can wear your classic LBD topped with a romantic floral kimono and strappy wedges or heels. You can also play with proportions by layering on a duster-length kimono over an above-the-knee dress.

Often, tourists overthink their outfit of the day, especially in an Instagrammable place like Kauai. They envision various clothing pieces in their summer wardrobe and create mental images of potential outfits. The beauty of kimonos is in their simplicity. They only require the most basic attire, like a plain tee and your favorite pair of jeans. Kimonos vary in length, so it is essential to choose a piece that makes you feel comfortable. For example, if you want to avoid looking too theatrical, you probably don’t want to buy ankle-length versions (maybe pick calf-length designs instead).

A kimono is versatile. It adds elegance to any outfit with just a touch of warmth for your shoulders. At Coutured by Bjork, we have a long peacock and elephant kimonos perfect for beach cover-ups or to wear over a pair of jeans and crocheted crop top for your night out. 

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