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A blog written by Coutured by Bjork titled "How to Dress to Kill with Joseph Ribkoff on the Island of Kauai?"

How to Dress to Kill with Joseph Ribkoff on the Island of Kauai?

As summer approaches, the locals of Hawaii know that many tourists will flock to the lush green mountains and pristine beaches of the island of Kauai. Visitors often aim to catch the beautiful scenery on the North Shore, the thrilling outdoor activities on the Eastern coast, the rich history of the Westside, and the high-end restaurants and shopping boutiques in the South Shore. There is never a dull moment in Kauai, even if you’re just taking a break or napping on the beach. One of the activities that both locals and tourists enjoy in Kauai is shopping. Kauai is a haven for men and women since it has several shopping boutiques worth checking out. Kauai provides shoppers with a vast selection of quality pieces from various fashion designers including Joseph Ribkoff. From edgy to chic, sophisticated to avant-garde, Ribkoff’s island designs embody the spirit of fashion in every tropical creation.

Man of the Hour: Who is Joseph Ribkoff?

Joseph Ribkoff has been gracing labels of iconic women’s fashion for the past six decades in Canada and the rest of North America. Women often use words from “classic” and “chic,” to “elegant” and “timeless,”  to describe the formal dresses, cruise wear, and travel-friendly outfits Ribkoff designed with one particular woman in mind – Marilyn Monroe

Joseph Ribkoff started making waves in the fashion industry in Montreal where he presented his first collection. Right from the start, his selections focused on easy-care and comfort without shorting on style or quality. Today, more than 60 years later, his designs are well-known in more than 60 countries. Thus, style-conscious women across the globe love his day-to-night creations for all occasions. The latest collection from Joseph Ribkoff focuses on jumpsuits that exude the playful side of the brand with a bright palette of colors and floral details. Its vibrant prints, off-the-shoulder detailing, and statement sleeves are perfect for a summer getaway in the island of Kauai. Ribkoff ensures that his creations feature a flattering silhouette that highlights the assets of all women.

What Joseph Ribkoff Ensembles you can Find in Kauai?

Since the island of Kauai offers endless activities and scenic views, it can be challenging to pack the essentials into your wardrobe for an unforgettable Hawaiian adventure. Better to pack light, make use of the many boutiques on the island, and bring home some tropical fashion. You can check out Joseph Ribkoff collections at several fashion retailers’ shops in the shopping center of the island. Here is a list of clothing for all occasions— from day to night— to  include in your checklist:


Although Kauai in the spring can be hot, you can experience breezy nights, especially if you are near the shore. It is essential to bring a cover-up to top off your swimsuit or dress to feel comfortable on chilly nights by the beach. Joseph Ribkoff offers cover-ups with playful floral and patterned prints.

Formal Dresses

Tourists should note that Kauai offers not only pristine beaches and jagged mountains but also upscale restaurants perfect for date night or formal meetings. Joseph Ribkoff has designed elegant and classic dresses with minimalistic floral and animal prints that work in any season. You can choose a style that matches your personality and your mood.


Since Kauai is a tropical island, many tourists prefer loose and flowing wardrobe items like tunics for comfort and style at the beach or resort. Featuring a variety of hems that play with symmetric finishes, Ribkoff has designed playful tunics that embody the personality of a person and easily match other clothing. You are sure to find something the fits your style with the vast array of tunics from Joseph Ribkoff.


Tropical climates call for lightweight tops with a relaxed fit so you do not overheat in the sun. Contrary to conventional tourist aloha shirts just because you are in Hawaii. But you can if you want! The Joseph Ribkoff tops line has flattering and timeless pieces that bring comfort during your Hawaiian escapade.

Joseph Ribkoff’s collections include lavish occasion dresses, polished office attire, and lightweight resort wear that have long established him as a Canadian fashion industry leader. Discover trendsetting styles for modern women in the huge selection of Joseph Ribkoff product line in one of the most well-known fashion boutiques on the island of Kauai— Coutured by Bjork!

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