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Coutured by Bjork
featured image of blog titled "Coutured by Bjork: Your Women’s Clothing Store for Vintage Fashion in Koloa, Hawaii"

Coutured by Bjork: Your Women’s Clothing Store for Vintage Fashion in Koloa, Hawaii

Whenever you heard or think of Hawaii, it almost comes naturally that the bright images of its pristine beaches would first come to your mind.  The clear waters, the pure white sands, and the sun seem always to take you to a paradise. Among the top places that tourists have on their list whenever they are traveling to Hawaii is the historical and picturesque district of Koloa. Located in Kauai County, this charming destination spans from Old Koloa Town to Kauai’s beautiful South Shore in Poipu. Aside from its breathtaking surroundings and guest-friendly landscape, Koloa presents itself as one of the best shopping destinations in the whole island. From women’s clothing store to art galleries, high-end boutiques, gift shops and more, your Hawaii-escapade would be complete without setting your foot on the vibrant district of Koloa!

Enjoy a Wide Selection of Women’s Clothing and Apparel in Koloa!

Koloa has plenty of new and cute kiosk gift shops and retail stores. From the courtyard and surrounding areas of Old Koloa Town, you will surely enjoy strolling and checking out a variety of clothing items. Plus, from your outfit to your island’s OOTD, sophisticated dining attire and more, you can explore the women’s clothing store. From budget-friendly stores to those sophisticated fashion boutiques, you’ll find a great selection of items that are made by local and international designers alike.

Here are some of the clothing items that you don’t need to pack in your travel bag as they are conveniently available to you once you’ve set foot on Koloa:

  • Swimwear and surf wear with outstanding Aloha-inspired prints
  • Hats and beach bags made from Hawaii’s local materials
  • Technical clothing for sweaty pursuits on the island such as running, dancing and even for yoga
  • Island-inspired apparel, gifts, accessories, and collectibles
  • Incredible and unique collections of Hawaii fashion design, locally handcrafted jewelry and original fine art
  • Classic and casual T-shirts, shorts and pants with light-hearted prints and designs

What about classic vintage fashion?

Well, even while you’re exploring a beautiful island, some people still can’t let go of their fashion taste. If you’re someone who’s into vintage fashion, it’s good to know that there is a sea of women’s clothing store and fashion boutiques. Also, you can find a surefire place you can go for your boho-inspired and vintage-styled OOTD. Coutured by Bjork is home to amazing collections of vintage, antique, and designer items that represent the Free People brand. Our brick and mortar store offers a wide variety of women’s wearables at such friendly prices!

If you’re planning to go to Hawaii, but you still have no idea on which island to go and what kind of activities to do, then do your research and you would plainly see a lot of positive reviews for the island of Kauai. It also includes the shopping experience that the charming district of Koloa can offer. You would surely find that there is something here that would suit your desires and vacationing ideas especially if you’re both nature and fashion lover!

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