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Coutured by Bjork
featured image of blog titled "Coutured by Bjork: Why Should You Buy Your Outfit from a Superb Online Boutique in Hawaii"

Coutured by Bjork: Why Should You Buy Your Outfit from a Superb Online Boutique in Hawaii

Only a few spots on Earth are blessed with exceptional beauty like the gorgeous island of Kauai. Vacation seekers yearning for Pacific water and golden sand will find sanctuary along its shores. This Hawaiian island is also packed with boutiques, resorts, and restaurants. Vacationers who go further inland on the island will also be rewarded with a larger treasure chest of thrilling experiences. 

The cultural and geological history of Kauai is rich. Its lush waterfalls, spiritual core, and incredible landscape are inspiring and memorable. As the new generations say, every corner of Kauai is Instagram worthy. So if you’re planning to visit the island, then get your OOTDs ready! Bring some with you, sure, but leave room in your luggage to do some shopping. Or, get your Kauai wardrobe ready early by turning to a reliable online boutique in Hawaii! No matter your preference, the wide assortment of island-friendly outfits from Coutured by Bjork has something perfect for your trip. 

Coutured by Bjork: What outfits can you get from this online boutique in Hawaii?

There’s no specific time for summer weather in the Garden Isle. Travelers enjoy beautiful weather there all year long. And, there’s no need to worry if you couldn’t find the perfect outfit for your vacation or you left something at home. Kauai is not only home to several awesome vacation spots; it’s also home to world-class boutiques, including  Coutured by Bjork.

Coutured by Bjork has a physical store on the beautiful island of Kauai. However, if you want to shop before you set out, then check out the online boutique. It offers a wide selection of beautiful outfits that make you look stunning on your vacation. To give you an overview, here are some popular on-hand outfits:

Italian Linen Romper

The Italian linen fashion romper is one of the most popular outfits offered by Coutured by Bjork. This long dress comes in one size, with adjustable straps. This washable dress is available in several colors –navy, white, black, baby blue, natural, teal and burnt orange.

Kaftan (with Sleeves)

Another one size drawstring popular dress, this one flatters waists of every size. It features a sexy deep V-neck, perfect for formal events in the Garden Isle. You can also use it with our famous bralettes.

Adela Slip Long Dress

This best-selling summer outfit by Free People has finally made its appearance once more with this Adela bralettes-inspired dress. It offers a comfortable fit and it seems to embrace different contours. Every woman looks elegant and smart in this dress.

Italian Linen Pants (Open Legs and with Button Pockets)

Our popular washable Italian linen pants are a new favorite in Brit’s closet. They feature a wide, smooth waistband fits flat across your midriff. Extra detailing on the button which adds sophistication.

Italian Silk Ruffle Hem Pants

The latest ruffle hem pants are made from Italian silk. They feature a flat, wide banded waist flatter your hourglass figure. 

Vintage Stretchable Lace Scarf

The vintage lace scarf is one of the shop’s bestsellers. This versatile, fashionable accessory works as a sarong or belt, or you can tie it around your neck or your favorite summer hat.

Gold Bead Necklace with Kauai Snail Shell

What more do you need to compliment your outfit from Coutured by Bjork? Try our gold beaded necklace with Kauai snail shell as a starter. The shell is a preserved natural color that will accent just about any summer outfit.

Natural Stone Lariat Necklace

Another part of Coutured by Bjork’s accessories collection, this lariat necklace allows you to wear it in whatever way you want. Make a knot and wear it as a bracelet, a necklace, or a choker. 

Carved Turquoise Rose Quartz Medallion

This signature carved turquoise rose quartz medallion is a show stopper. This sophisticated medallion adds elegance to any outfit. What’s more amazing? The price!

 Cornhusk Shoulder Tote Encyclia

Complete your summer getaway with our must-have Cornhusk Shoulder Tote! This shoulder bag is carefully designed with gold and black detailed stitches and features leather handles.

Feeling a little bit more excited about your trip to Kauai? You should be! Don’t worry about your summer outfits. Our online boutique is available to you throughout your vacation– and even before and after it when you visit our website or call +1 (808) 431-4845. 

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