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Brit’s Outfit of the Week: Outfit Tips for an Unforgettable Kauai Vacation

Everyone deserves a great vacation. And when it comes to travel destinations, most would agree that Hawaii is on the list of great vacation spots. One of the most gorgeous, thrilling spots to go on a Hawaiian adventure is the Garden Island of Kauai. Located in the Hawaiian archipelago, its blissful beaches, stunning clear waters, and heavenly bays make for the trip of a lifetime. Already preparing for a trip to Kauai? Thinking about what to pack? Coutured by Bjork is here to give you an idea of what to bring – from travel essentials to must-have outfits. Let Brit’s Outfit of the Week and outfit tips guide you. 

What to pack for your Kauai vacation?

When deciding what to bring to Kauai, you need to consider the timing and the weather. Kauai has a humid climate, meaning you need light clothing to keep you cool all the time. To find the best clothing with a matching touch of elegance, all you need to do is visit Coutured by Bjork – one of the best boutiques in Kauai.

Consider the old saying, “less is more.” Try refraining from the usual summer jeans and whites. In some places, summer whites will give you a sophisticated, sharp and crisp look. However, on Kauai, summer whites will just look plain. Meanwhile, jeans can be bulky in your baggage and worse, they might retain moisture. So, opt for light-weight pants. Coutured by Bjork offers high-quality Italian-inspired outfits that you can wear to any event, casual or formal. But wait, there’s more! Check out this suggestion list.

Italian Tie-Dye Cold-Shoulder Silk Blouse

Currently, this blouse is the most popular in Brit’s closet. It’s banded and lined up at the bottom and incredibly flattering for all sizes and shapes. You can also put your arms out of the holes and wear it as a tank.

Italian Linen Pants

These Italian linen pants perfectly complement our Italian silk blouse. It has a wide, smooth waistband that fits comfortably across your midriff.

Multi-Color Crystal Lariat Choker

To match your elegant Italian outfit, you might want to check out our multi-color crystal lariat choker. It gives off a Kauaian vibe and makes you look both wealthy and fashionable.

Multi-Layer Crystal Wood Beaded Bracelet

Decorate your wrists as well as your neck. Add our wood bead bracelet as the final piece of your island-inspired outfit.

Additional Tips for Kauai Travelers

Aside from assisting you with your fashion, Coutured by Bjork also aims to make every aspect of your vacation memorable. Here are some suggestions for your travel preparation.

  1. Credit cards – bringing cash wouldn’t hurt, but it’s better to bring credit cards on any vacation while you are traveling around.
  2. Medications – don’t forget to bring your medications with you, especially if you have maintenance meds. Having a dream vacation is nicer when you’re healthy.
  3. Photo IDs – photo IDs are needed wherever you go – whether you check-in to your hotel or go to a restaurant where you made reservations.
  4. Travel documents – Don’t forget your passport if you’re traveling from outside the US! 
  5. Sneakers – Kauai is known for its amazing cliffs and thrilling hikes. Make sure you bring your hiking sneakers.
  6. Flip-flops – when going to the beach, rubber flip-flops are important when the sand goes hot due to the blazing heat of the sun.
  7. Refillable water bottle – it can be very hot when you visit Kauai. stay hydrated, make sure to bring a refillable water bottle.
  8. Ziploc Bags – sometimes we just to keep things dry. Bringing a few Ziploc bags is an easy, portable solution.
  9. Camera – you might want to bring your camera to capture breathtaking scenery in Kauai.

You’ll Never Go Wrong with Brit’s Outfit of the Week!

In Kauai, there are many beaches to swim and trails to hike; however, there’s more to it than rigorous outdoor adventure. Kauai is also home to several restaurants and places that host events and special occasions. Here in Coutured by Bjork, we understand that you want to look sophisticated and elegant when attending these events. 

If you want to learn more about our Brit’s Outfit of the Week or other Kauai vacation outfits, check out our website today or contact us at +1 (808) 431-4845.

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