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featured image of blog title "Brit Bjorklund: Filling the Need for a Personal Clothing Stylist in the Island of Kauai"

Brit Bjorklund: Filling the Need for a Personal Clothing Stylist in the Island of Kauai

Summer is fast approaching, and the spectacular view and endless sun of the Hawaiian Islands are already drawing tourists. Locals on The Big Island expect the surge of tourist seeking upscale restaurants, vast tropical rainforests, zesty dishes, pristine beaches, and lush foliage. One of the places that possess the sublime beauty of golden sand and Pacific water of Hawaii is The Garden Isle, also known as the Kauai shores. Despite being relatively undeveloped, Kauai boasts luxurious resorts and upscale fashion boutiques women (and men!) can appreciate. Some tourists find it difficult to choose an outfit due to the huge variety of options. Often, tourists consult a professional clothing stylist on the island to assist them with their fashion needs. One of the most well-known, in-demand personal clothing stylist in Kauai is Brit Bjorklund. She helps tourists and clients build great outfits according to their needs and body types.

What is Clothing Stylist?

Fashion stylists, or clothing stylists, are essential for well-dressed celebrities, actors, and fashion models. Stylists can completely overhaul an entire wardrobe, select clothing for an occasion, and help clients find great clothes that they actually like. A clothing stylist is a consultant who ascertains what clothes flatter one’s body shape. It also includes which colors suit the client’s complexion, and what style they want to be seen in. Many clients appreciate that clothing stylists factor in their lifestyle, budget, complexion, and body shape. This is for them to hit the high street and find the best fashion boutiques in the area.  As a stylist overhauls a wardrobe, the client gains knowledge of the type of clothing that looks best on them as well as what’s in fashion.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Clothing Stylist?

Choosing a clothing stylist today isn’t always easy, especially with the number of choices out there. If you want to work with a personal clothing stylist and have never experienced working with one before, here are a few helpful tips to ponder before hiring a personal stylist:

Do you like your team of consultants or stylist?

Before deciding to work with the experts, you must ensure that you like them. You are allowing them into a personal part of your life, so trusting and enjoying their company is a must. Personal styling is a personal service. You should work with a clothing stylist who understands your individual needs and has the skills to cater to your tastes.

Does your clothing stylist look fine?

There are several looks, tastes, and personalities that come into play when choosing a style. It is not necessary that your chosen team of consultant dresses in the same style that you prefer, but you have learned all you need to know if s/he doesn’t look good in his or her own chosen style.

Why are you hiring a personal clothing stylist?

There are two main reasons why fashion savvy people hire personal clothing stylists. First, clients want the advice of a professional to redefine their image and refine their wardrobe to achieve specific goals. Meanwhile, others fall into the category of fashion-conscious individuals who have no time to shop, so they hire experts to purchase their preferred wardrobe items.

Are you a fashion guinea pig?

Many determined stylists launch their businesses with little to no experience. Although it is a noble ambition, it does not benefit the clients to work with someone who does not have experience enough to help the client achieve his or her goals. It may be worth it to work with a beginner looking to build expertise for a free or discounted price. However, if you are paying a lot of money, you must ensure that you are hiring a personal clothing stylist with a good reputation.

Are you ready to redefine your wardrobe and feel confident in your clothes? Get in touch with an experienced personal clothing stylist from the island of Kauai — Brit Bjorklund! Her expertise in the industry has served many people put together trendy outfits to suit their style, body shape, and personality. Drop us a line at (808) 431-4845 to get an expert’s advice on setting up your wardrobe and defining your style!

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