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featured image of blog titled "Bralettes aren’t just Underwear Anymore"

Bralettes aren’t just Underwear Anymore

With summer in full swing on Kauai Island, you’re going to see other ladies out in bralettes. Who says they have to go underneath your favorite clothes? When a garment is as comfortable, stylish, and versatile as a bralette, it demands to be outerwear. From sassy strappy fabrics to lacy and minimal styles, today’s bralette is often the perfect addition to any outfit.

While bralettes have become a fashion staple, some women have no idea how to wear one. Whether worn above a shirt or underneath a top, this simple piece of lingerie can transform any outfit in your closet into an exciting, fresh ensemble. If you’re ready to try this new trend and put some edge into your outfit selection, find out how to show off your spruced-up Hawaiian style with a bralette. 

What is Bralette?

Some women – and men – can’t distinguish if a bralette is a crop top or a bra. According to lingerie experts, a bralette is an unstructured bra which has no molded cups and wires. From the word itself, the suffix “lette” means that it is “less bra,” and it lacks some of the bra components. A bralette is a fashionable piece made from lace, mesh, or microfiber. It can have decorative, embroidered details with seasonal colors that match the season’s trends. 

The purpose of the bralette is to bring more shape than support and add style to outfits while providing comfort. Although it does not offer as much support as traditional bras, especially for ladies with average to large breasts, it is comfortable and attractive. You put it on like a traditional bra, but there is more than one way to wear it. You can treat it as an undergarment or outerwear depending on your mood and occasion. 

5 Hot Ways to Wear Your Bralette in Hawaii

Knowing the purpose and nature of bralettes is not a big deal; pulling it off is the real deal. There are a ton of ways bralettes can work under dresses, tops, and more. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and discover how you can spruce up your fashion style during your vacation in Hawaii.

  • With plunging neckline outfits

Some women don’t want their bra to show when they’re wearing a low scoop, V-neck top, or profoundly cut dress. But instead of hiding the low plunging neckline, you can flaunt it well with a criss-cross front strap bralette. It is an instant booster to your boring tops, and you will feel comfortable throughout your day in Hawaii without worrying about exposed cleavage. 

  • Revamp your Off-shoulder

As the warm weather in Hawaii continues to brush up against your skin, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are not going anywhere. Although wearing off-shoulder outfits is a common trick to create an hourglass illusion, it can make you feel too exposed. You can put strappy and elegant bralettes underneath and see your whole outfit change. 

  • Bralette Layered over a Basic Tee

This new trend is a spin-off of the slip-dress-over-a-shirt look which gives a slight edge to an otherwise basic outfit. It is casual with an edgy vibe and a heavy dose of attitude that offers a daring and unexpected look. If you’re on your way to stroll the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, try wearing a black lace bralette over a white crew-neck top for a daytime look that is anything but boring. 

  • With Long Maxi Skirts

Freshen up your summer boho-chic look on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with a floral or a monochrome maxi skirt. You can pair it with a fancy cropped bralette for a more fabulous look for outdoor summer concerts and festivals. It is also a fun way of showing how your favorite bralette and sun-kissed tan blend. 

  • Style your open-back sundress

Strolling the pristine beaches in the Kauai Islands is about wearing airy, light outfits. Your sundress might be the most comfortable summer piece you can wear; but when it has an open back, you might want a garment to jazz it up a little. Wearing a stylish strappy bralette underneath can add a glamorous appeal for your style statement. 

The bralette is a fashionable piece that demonstrates confidence and a bold attitude. To nail the look, all you need to do is make sure that your chosen bralette adds a flash of fashion in a chic and simple way. While you don’t want your bralette to overpower your entire look, you do want to turn heads while wearing it. Whether you’re modest or flirty, exposed or covered, feminine or sporty, you can find a bralette style that will work for you. Dare to bare this summer in Kauai while staying fab and edgy with the sheer of bralette options from Coutured by Bjork. 

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