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featured image of blog titled "A Night Out in Kauai: How to become a Headturner with the Sophistication of Brit’s Outfit of the Week"

A Night Out in Kauai: How to become a Headturner with the Sophistication of Brit’s Outfit of the Week

Just thinking about a Hawaiian adventure is exciting. At night the sky is a vast black canvass filled with the moon and millions of stars. The cool summer night breeze caresses your skin while you walk in still-warm white sand. There is no doubt—a night out in Kauai, complemented with a couple of drinks, is just about perfect. But before you rush out and mingle, make sure you’re dressed your best. Brit’s Outfit of the Week will bring you the sophistication to match the vibrancy of the star-painted night sky.

How to be a head-turner on your Hawaiian Adventure

Your choice of outfit can significantly impact how your night goes. It will set your mood, confidence, and the first impressions of people around you. So, when it comes to your outfit of the night, Brit’s Outfit of the Week is definitely your fashion ally. Whether you need a long dress, swimwear, or even a casual outfit for a walk on the shore at sunset, the outfit of the week has the perfect set of outfits for you.

Reasons to choose Brit’s outfit of the week for your OOTD

True enough, there are a lot of boutiques to provide you with all your summer outfit needs. But, before buying your OOTD, you first need to find the perfect boutique that suits your taste and style. Here are some of the many reasons to choose Brit’s outfit of the week to provide your summer wear: 

It’s trendy yet comfy

Each and every lady aims for a trendy, sophisticated, comfortable outfit. Brit’s outfit of the week can bring you all the comfort in the world without sacrificing the beauty and elegance of the outfit you are going to wear. Your Kauai getaway should be matched with a flowy outfit that good for a beach and island experience.

There are numerous shops and fashion boutiques where you can find various dress designs. You just have to choose the right one to suit your style. 

A combination of elegance and fashion

Your Kauai summer getaway isn’t complete without a chance to flaunt your elegant, fashionable dresses. A combination of summer breeze and a flowy dress will undoubtedly make you a head-turner on your Kauai getaway. 

It can easily be paired with island-inspired accessories

Some people love adding details to everything. If you are one of them, then Brit’s dresses are for you. They are versatile and complement a variety of accessories. You can wear long, short or layers of necklaces.

Bangles and fashion bracelets complement summer dresses, too. You can even wear belts to emphasize your waist. If you are a little conservative or the night is getting chilly, you can also drape a stylish cardigan.

You will never be underdressed or overdressed

Brit’s outfits can fit any occasion. They are good for day tours or nights out. You can wear them to formal or casual events. Just change shoes or accessories and you’re ready to go again. Whether you are hanging out with your friends, having a romantic date at a fancy restaurant, or on a cozy, conservative family dinner, Brit’s dresses are the right choice.

It is Instagram worthy

Your Kauai getaway experience isn’t complete without picture-perfect poses with panoramic views behind you. And for an Instagram worthy photo, a sophisticated dress is a must-have. Not only that you will look extra beautiful, but you will also match the shimmer of the night stars.

Check out Brit’s Outfit of the Week!

It is essential to wear the right dress at the right time. If you are planning to hang out in Kauai and you are wondering what kinds of clothing best fit your purpose, worry not! Coutured by Bjork is here for you. We offer the best long dresses, cardigans, and accessories to suit the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Kauai. 

Look for our featured outfit of the week and we guarantee that you’ll be one of the island’s head-turners! To shop for the latest fashion trends, visit or contact (808) 431-4845.

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