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June 2019

Roughly 25 miles across its shortest point, and 33 miles at its widest, Kauai seems to be a small destination that you might explore in a day. Instead, it has more to do than you could squeeze into a week. As one of the oldest Hawaiian islands, Kauai is a place where worries fade in warm saltwater, golden sands, rugged rainforest landscapes, and laid-back small towns. Several outdoor activities also await visitors

Kaua’i’s goal to become a fashion destination for locals and tourists is not far from reach. It has become a fashion market where regal creations are born and vie for the world’s attention. Eight years ago, a visiting fashion designer from India suggested a small runway show on Kaua’i. This is to highlight the creativity and elegance of the island’s fashion. And year after year, the show has been a success. That

If you happen to be in Hawaii for a short vacation, you need to be ready with your summer must-haves. Your travel bag should contain sunscreen, swimwear, and a different set of wardrobe essentials for your whole visit to the Garden Isle. Of course, your summer outfit is never complete without fashion sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct sun exposure. Forgot yours? Fortunately, there are high-end shopping stores in Koloa and

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